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kantaloup launches the new site for Nathalie Légaré, a Monteal real estate agent

July 27, 2015

Real estate solutions for even the largest North American esterprisesThis week we worked closely with Côté Communications after launching the brand new website for Nathalie Légaré, a real estate agent located right here in Montreal. Nathalie Légaré represents Terramont, a leader in commercial real estate. Since 1998, Terramont has been serving up real estate solutions to enterprises all over North America.Multiple local Montreal servicesNathalie Légaré offers a wealth of financial...

kantaloup sports hair nets and launches the new Busy Bees website

July 23, 2015

Over 72,000 square feet of packaging machineryLast week, we had the pleasure of launching the new website for Busy Bees.Not only did we have a blast creating their responsive website, we had the privilege of touring their massive 72,000 square foot warehouse.Over 6 specializationsBusy Bees specializes in over 6 different techniques within packaging, co-packing, and wrapping, such as: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, industrial, food grade, and cigarettes. On top of that, Busy...

kantaloup launches the new Metelec.ca

June 9, 2015

Today we are proud to announce the launch the brand new Metelec.ca website! Situated in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Metelec specializes in welding and metal fabrication. Having just celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2013, they've proven that they're the go-to company for everything metal.Check out their products and equipment.

Website launch: Dumont Recyclage

May 7, 2015

Last week we happily launched the brand new website for Dumont Recyclage/DRMS. Dumont Recyclage specializes in the renting of containers, and the transportation of light materials on the South Shore of Montreal. We invite you to visit their website!

kantaloup Tackles Mother’s Day with the Breakfast Club of Canada

April 29, 2015

Virtual flowers To celebrate Mother's Day, the Breakfast Club of Canada highlights the important role that mom's around the world play in all of our lives by launching the Rafale de Pétales online campaign. The idea is simple: purchase the virtual flower of your choice, and on Mother's Day weekend, your recipient receives the virtual flower, in an e-card format, in their inbox. Perhaps the most important part though, is that...

kantaloup acquires a new ninja in the web dev team!

April 7, 2015

Last week, kantaloup welcomed with open arms Étienne Michaud, a brand new web dev ninja. We are honored to have him complete his eight week internship with us - the final step before graduating from the Graphic Communications program at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. As a team member in kantaloup, his responsibilities cover nearly everything front-end related. Welcome to kantaloup Étienne, and congratulations! We would also like to thank Marrie-Eve Larente, our favourite...

Wonder Twin Powers Activate! kantaloup is proud to launch the new Pigeon Brands Montreal and Toronto website.

March 31, 2015

We are excited to announce the brand new website for Pigeon Brands, pioneers in branding and packaging design since 1977. Known for their involvement in the packaging of Danone, Nabob, Fruits & Passions, Tim Hortons, Kraft, Hertel, and many more,  Pigeon Brands have proven themselves time after time in the world of branding. Together, we worked closely with Pigeon Brands to transform their ideas into real life web. As expected, they...

Baci+, another freshly squeezed website straight out of the kantaloup juicer

February 27, 2015

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of Baci+. Baci+ is a supplier of prebiotics and probiotics for domesticated animals. Baci+ is the result of the collaboration of two Canadian enterprises, one located in Beloeil and the other in Quebec City. Amongst a wide range of specialized products, Baci+ also offers products for breeders. To learn more about Baci+, or to see their product selection, visit their website at...

kantaloup: proud to present the new Boisé Carignan website

February 17, 2015

Everyone at kantaloup is proud to launch the brand new Boisé Carignan website. The urban project Boisé Carignan is a housing development project where you can find new houses (single houses and semidetached houses), prestigious houses on large plots of land larger than 791m2 (8500 pi2), and plots of land yet to have any scheduled development. The future inhabitants of the Boisé Carignan project will love the charm of the tranquility of...

kantaloup Unveils Instapresse, an extension of our family tree

February 2, 2015

In October of 2014, kantaloup proudly acquired a print shop in Saint-Constant, on the South Shore of Montreal. After two quick weeks and lots of love and sweat, a print shop specializing in digital, offset, and large format printing was born. Thanks to the collaboration between kantaloup and Jean-Benoit Sarrasin, we are extremely excited to announce the first version of the new website for Instapresse. Instapresse isn't just your run-of-the-mill print...

Côté Communications get a full makeover, kantaloup style!

January 26, 2015

It's with great honour that we launch the new website today for Côté Communications, a communications agency located in the Saint-Hubert/Saint-Bruno region. Côté Communications is a smart and reliable agency that's small enough to be extremely flexible, yet large enough to boast about quick efficiency and quality of service. Specializing in communications, project analysis, and project interaction, Côté Communications is a great partner for any small to medium sized business. You can visit...

Happy Holidays from kantaloup!

December 25, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RubBzkZzpUA Started from the bottom now we’re here Is 2014 already over? This year has been a great one for kantaloup. We’ve seen new businesses, new family members, and of course, new and happy clientele. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to do what we love most: develop websites and web applications. It’s your projects that allow us to continue to sharpen our skills as an agency, and as individuals as well. Many...

the kantaloup team sends Santa Claus their wish list

December 15, 2014

The average age of the kantaloup team is 23 years old – but that won’t stop us from chowing down on candy canes and rocking out to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Without further ado, it’s time for the kantaloup 2014 Christmas wish lists!   Alex Denicourt A Nashville Predators sweater hand-knitted by his grandmother in support of them winning the next Stanley Cup. (You gotta’ dream big!). A brand new iMac, which should...

Is it Time to Redo your Website?

December 2, 2014

It’s 2014 now. If your business can’t be found online, it might be hard for your clients to take you seriously. Even worse, if your online presence looks like a fossil out of the past, your website is probably actually doing more harm than good. But don’t panic just yet. We’ve put together a little checklist to help determine if your website passed its expiration date, or if it’s still good...

Team Roles Within a Creative Agency

November 24, 2014

Just like a symphony orchestra, a creative agency depends on the collaboration of its team members to provide its audience with the best performance that they will ever witness. Meet the Conductor, the Project Manager The project manager is much like the conductor of an orchestra. It is his responsibility to see through the project from start to finish, and his mission to assist and guide you through each step of the...

Top 5 Halloween tips by kantaloup

October 30, 2014

On October 31st, make sure to follow kantaloup's 5 handy guidelines for maximizing your Halloween spirit: Devour all of your candy before your siblings or parents get a hold of it. Make sure to repeat going to the same houses in different costumes. Always make more room in your trick-or-treat bag by throwing away healthy candy. Forget about wasting time going up and down every driveway - instead dash over lawns and through gardens...

New frontiers, same mission

October 26, 2014

Breaking and setting new standards Our parents always told us, "You gotta start somewhere." And that's exactly what we had been doing for the past two years. kantaloup were a part-time freelance project, managed by two developers. Yes, our support was excellent, and our quality was top notch, but that won't stop us from striving to surpass that in the next phase of kantaloup. Today though, everything changes for the better. kantaloup is now...

A family portait and kantaloup in photoshoot mode

October 20, 2014

A family portait! Here is a little taste of what our new website will include! We had the great pleasure of working and being photographed by Noémi Laganière! Stay tuned for our official launch next week! You can see Noemi's work by following this link to his Instagram: http://instagram.com/noemilag.  

New portfolio piece: Gestion C. Thibault

October 7, 2014

kantaloup if proud to launch a Gestion C. Thibault's new website this week! Gestion C. Thibault is a military and ex-military recruiting and placement specialist! An employment specialist with more than 26 years of experience with the Canadian Forces. Christian Thibault has been serving with the Canadian Forces for more than 26 years. Throughout his career, he has cumulated many courses and training. You can visit his website by clicking on...

With new offices come a new website

October 3, 2014

An office move just in time for winter Against everyone's happiness, winter is knocking at our door. Another thing that is happening right now is the opening of Richard Clément C.P.A Inc's offices. In a couple of weeks the RC team will be welcoming you to their new workspace, situated at 465 Avenue Victoria, suite 412 in the beautiful city of Saint-Lambert. The RC team doesn't like to fool around, on...

Unveiling of new certirecyclage.com!

September 29, 2014

We have a new launch this week: Certi Recyclage, one of the biggest recycling centres in Quebec! Certi Recyclage is the only recycling center in Quebec that specializes both in auto recycling and metal recovery. They offer recycling solutions adapted to all residential, commercial, industrial and municipal needs. Visit their website by clicking on the link below:http://certirecyclage.com

kantaloup launches the brand new cfq.qc.ca!

July 10, 2014

After months of hard work and a great collaboration with our friends over at Les Cercles de Fermières du Québec, we are more than proud to share our new portfolio piece with you guys! Here is the new cfq.qc.ca! Revamped, refreshed, and revisted!

kantaloup will be in charge of Richard Clément’s accounting firm revamp

June 8, 2014

It is with great excitement that we publish this blog post. kantaloup has the responsibility of revamping St-Lambert-based accounting firm, Richard, Clément CPA Inc. As Suits television protagonist, Harvey Specter has once said: “Life is this, I want this.” It is with this philosophy that kantaloup starts its new friendship with the firm. Aiming for a high standard but always shooting for the bestest.

kantaloup starts new friendship with Cercles de Fermières du Québec!

November 7, 2013

For a couple of days now we have had the unique opportunity to meet up with the amazing women of the CFQ (Cercles de fermières du Québec), the largest and nearly 100 year old women association in the province. Today, we are glad to announce our new friendship with the CFQ. We will be rebuilding and revamping their current website. Get ready for a breeze of fresh air and new wave...

Behind the Scenes: kantaloup founders reminisce about their experience at Champlain College

October 19, 2013

This past summer, we had the pleasure of being involved with a promotional video for Graphic Communications at Champlain College Saint Lambert, the very program we graduated from. We were quite happy to be given this opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we think the video came out great as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rg3Wlzyw6NU

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