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Born with a Nintendo 64 controller in our hands, we know that the internet is nothing to be afraid of.

Even though we haven’t always had success in our love relationships, the ones we build with our clients are quite the contrary. We use the quality of our services as well as a unique approach to build strong relationships that produce exciting projects.

You will soon realize that we are not your typical breed of businessman. We are fun, our meetings are dynamic, and we will always be smiling and excited to see you. We are attentive to our clients and always treat them like family above all.

Bobby-Joe Audet Project manager & client relations

Audiophile and the heavyweight defender of sarcasm. Enjoying his McDonalds happy-meal, Bobby is also an avid fine cuisine critique. Seeing himself as highly as Chef Gordon Ramsay, he is the king of sticking cauldrons and burnt skillets. Maybe his taste in food limits itself to wine…

Valérie Durand Project manager

Sophie Martin Web Developer full stack

Marc-André Pariseau Web designer

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